Who’s Doing It?

From professional athletes, master trainers, artists, writers and coaches to moms, dads, doctors, firefighters and even Navy SEALs, see how the Breathe Degrees experience of breathing exercises and cold plunge empowers and provides science-backed mental and physical benefits to anyone looking for an edge, energy, and confidence in their professional and personal lives.

Rachel Mulvaney (Yoga Ninja)

3x American Ninja Warrior, yoga, meditation, breath-work teacher

“The cold water is a wise teacher
 it teaches me to go in
 To slow down the breath
 That I am stronger than my mind
 If I can find my inner calm in the cold, this teaches me that I can find that same inner calm in other stressful situations.
Everything is impermanent
 The cold
 The heat
 Your pain
 Your pleasure…
You can’t always control what goes on outside of you
 But you can control your reaction to it
No matter where we’ve been
 No matter where we’re going
 I know the constant that I can always return to
 Is my breath”
-Yoga Ninja

Scott Kemp

Professional Paintball Athlete, Master Trainer, Performance Specialist

As an athlete, breath work and cold therapy have become a vital component to my performance and recovery regiment. Breath Degrees has really helped me open my body and mind up to reap the full benefits that oxygen and cold have to offer. I’ve noticed my recovery and stamina have improved each week giving me an almost unfair advantage over my competition!”

Kaimi Kuoha

Mother, Martial Artist, Actress, Stunt Coordinator, CEO - @othentikgym

Breath-work has been taught to me since I was a baby. My father, a well-known master of the arts, has always spoken of the breath as life. As a traditional martial artist and women’s empowerment speaker the conscious awareness of our breath is imperative to keep our bodies and minds as one and focused in life threatening situations. It’s a practice that is thousands of years old, and while there are many variations, breath-work has been proven to heal and aid in transformation through improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Our breath is literally what keeps us alive, and yet, so often, we go through the day chronically shallow breathing, denying ourselves our full life force which often keeps us in a state of anxiety, or as I’ve heard , “fight or flight.” I’m grateful to learn new variations to assist my life’s work with at Breathe Degrees.

Kevin "The Soul Assassin" Ross

Professional Muay Thai Fighter and Kickboxer

“No matter the chaos going on, in or out of the ring, breathing is what keeps me centered, focused and clear. It helps me to stay calm in the midst of any storm. I breathe for peace, I breathe for war, I breathe for life.”

Owen Lysaught

Big Wave Surfer

“I do Breathe Degrees because it helps me stay calm under pressure. It strengthens me physically and mentally for moments the gym or any ordinary exercise practice cannot prepare me for. It gives me the slight edge in surfing I’ve been looking for. You’ll notice immediate improvements in performance after your first experience.”

Zsofia Illes

Mobility Coach, Yoga Teacher

I find that after a breathing session my mental clarity and ability to focus is better. I’ve always had test anxiety in school. As I’m beginning to understand the more cognitive elements of the practice, I find that I perform significantly better in a relaxed state. As a Mobility Coach and Yoga Teacher I apply the same for my athletes. Constant reminders to breathe better, aids their endurance and performance. It seems the power of the breath is not common knowledge, so classes like Breathe Degrees’ help to color in another essential part of picture.⁠

The tattoo on my ribs “Lelegezz” is Hungarian for “Breathe. “I got this as my 1st tattoo when I was 19, before I knew it would be my career. I’ve always had an unconscious curiosity for how essential our “Lelegzet” is, been fascinated by way it provides life force, and can be a super power if understood and conditioned.⁠” 

James Hansen (Aka Junior)


“Breath-work is really important in firefighting. We have to calm ourselves in intense situations like looking for someone in a burning house and think clearly with a limited supply of air. Adding breath-work to my life, I’m excited to see how this training will help me extend air in our air bottle. When I was lying there doing breath-work with Breathe Degrees, I was out of my mind and went to another place. With the eye mask on, all I could see was grey. So much was happening inside my brain, but I wasn’t thinking about anything. I was just there, lying in the sun. My mind was free to go where it wanted to go. I’ve never done drugs before, but if this is what drugs are like, I would take them and be an addict!”

Jetter Green


“Breathe Degrees has been such a monumental enhancement in my life. It’s allowed me to tap deeper within myself emotionally, physically, energetically and creatively in a way that I crave. This is a space I try to tap into when creating my art. I step away from all distraction, then dive deep into a flow state.  A state where all resistance is gone, and loving, compassionate, connected energy moves effortlessly as it will… in pure flow. It’s a beautiful place to exist whether it be for 4 seconds, or 44 minutes, and Breathe Degrees is a conduit for that channel for me. It’s such a powerful medicine that can be experienced by us all. I’m excited to dive deeper and deeper into this magical place. Thank you for bringing this to our community…. forever grateful.”

Beaver Fleming

Professional Skateboarder

“Breath-work has been an absolute game changer in my performance overall in mental health/mindset and physical health. Whether I’m on top of a mega ramp cruising down to the ocean or just looking to connect deeper to the moment, doing breath-work with Breathe Degrees is always something that enhances my day.”

Andrew Schultz

Yoga Instructor and Life Coach

“I breathe for inner peace. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I simply breathe in and out through my nose. 4 seconds on each inhale, hold the breathe at the top for a second, then 4 seconds on the exhale. Doing this for a few minutes activates my parasympathetic nervous system and I’m able to relax and be still. Plus it creates a conscious contact with God so benefits are both physical and spiritual. When I’m suffering I’m either stuck in the past, or projecting into the future. But when I have peace I’m present in the moment focusing on breathing in and breathing out. ⁠

⁠I’ve been sober for over 5 years now – and if there’s been one thing that has transformed my life more than anything else – it’s been conscious breathing. I do it every morning as part of my mindfulness practice and meditation. The breath allows me to connect with myself and God to start every day, and throughout the day, I can always reconnect by focusing on each inhale and exhale.”⁠

Navy SEALs

Preparing for Hell Week

“”⁠I trained with the Breathe Degrees methods before Hell Week and they were clutch in getting me through. I was able to use what I learned to calm my mind and reach for mental strength during my darkest moments as we were put through the gauntlet. Learning to harness the power of my breath helped my endurance and performance during the intense trainings. Thank you!”

Scott Burns

Father, Cook, Traveler

“I breathe for my two boys. As a single father it can be tough to have “it” together. To be there for them as a role model, caretaker, and teacher can be stressful. Breathing properly through the day let’s me stay calm and move smoothly through each day. ⁠

The breath-work and cold immersion helped me survive a rough separation. It gave me strength to thrive as a new man. Now I get up ready to kick each day’s *ss. ⁠

I fear and crave the cold every day because I know when I emerge, I am a changed man.”⁠

Joalby Lopez

Runner, Yoga Instructor, Self-Transformation Enthusiast

“Breathwork has helped me to check myself & refocus my attention away from unnecessary emotional reactions. It has allowed me to work through loss and past traumas – step forward from my past & come back to the present.”

Tommy Hunter

Relationship Coach

“After breathing and ice baths with Breathe Degrees, I feel like I can walk into any situation with complete confidence and peace. The 1st ice bath was 3.5 minutes, the 2nd was over 6 minutes. I love the idea of being able to still my mind in a natural fight/flight situation. I love the idea of taking my mind and body into challenging situations and then overcoming them. Using the breathing techniques has elevated my ability to hike longer, higher and with better control.”⁠

Matt Griffin

Writer, Project Manager

What the Breathe Degrees experience comes down to is at the end of the day, your body, mind and should, just feel like home after. You take your nervous system through ups and downs that mirror the most ancient wisdom and modern techniques, and come out as the best version of yourself. There are a ton of “RA-RA” speeches to get people hyped up to buy something they don’t need. This ain’t that. This is a systematic way to tap into that potential of the abuses and come out on fire from the ice, like the person you’ve always wanted to be.”

Daniel Hack

Founder, Gr@titude. Market Development Manager, Snap! Raise

“Initially, I thought I did breathwork and ice baths so that I can become the best and highest version of myself. Which still holds true! But it turns out that this practice is about so much more than just myself. I am so passionate about it because of the community that it builds during a time where it’s really hard to foster community. I get to share the most amazing transformational experience with the people I love, while meeting amazing new people who are all on the journey of finding their highest selves.

And as an entrepreneur and in sales there is always something I can be DOING. One more client to talk to, one more business system to alter. Breath-work gives me the opportunity to take a break from all that and just BE mentally, while allowing my lungs to be doing the work. I do breath-work as an activity to get into a deep meditative state, which for me, as a hard charging person, comes much more naturally than trying to achieve this state through standard mediation. It’s a beautiful thing!”

 “It was not just a class. It was a full mind body experience. From the education to the practice to the final challenge of the cold, it felt like a complete reprogramming of myself. I finished feeling more grounded and connected to my body than I have in years. I highly recommend this experience!” 

Jessi Agadoni

“Breathwork has become a huge part of my lifestyle and I love sharing it with anyone I can because the benefits are so profound. 

I am so grateful for you, breathe degrees, for accommodating a private class for my birthday. Being able to experience breathwork with your loved ones is so powerful and such a bonding experience. It was a super emotional day, in the best way ❤️ you feel immensely vulnerable and open after this experience and being able to do that for my birthday, made it the best birthday yet.” 

Rochelle Pfeiffer

My name is Ted and I am a Breathe Degrees platform user-here’s my story. I work in corporate America, I am a father of 3 and definitely a fitness nut! COVID-19 changed my workout routine dramatically-No more gym. No more classes-Major bummer! Like many, I got creative and transitioned to a home workout routine. 

I initially signed up for the platform because I loved the way the breathing classes gave me mental clarity. Every time I did it, I was finally able to get in a deep meditative state. My routine was 3-4 shorter classes per week. It always felt great.  My fitness routine consisted of running 3x per week, pull ups and 3 sets of 33 timed burpees-everybody’s favorite! I did this routine for over 3 months. I took my family to Florida for a couple weeks and completely fell off my routine because it was so hot. Instead of working out, I transitioned to daily sessions of breathing on the platform. This time, I only did the longer, 5 round sessions that are 45-55 min. 

So here’s what BLEW MY MIND…When I finally went back to my workout routine 3 weeks later, I totally expected to be in a world of hurt. I was shocked how I felt on my first run back. I ran like I was NEVER able to run before. I felt like I was in the best shape of my life! I was not excited to get back to my burpees though. So check this out-my first sets back I was able to shave off an average of ONE MINUTE AND NINE SECONDS PER SET!!  It’s unbelievable…Now I am continuing with both the daily breathing and my workouts and I have never felt stronger and faster. Thanks Breathe Degrees! Long live the power of breathing! How is it possible that I have never been told about the power of breathing by any coach or trainer?! I AM HOOKED!!”

Ted Koopman

“As a full time working mother of 2 teenagers and a high energy dog, I am constantly running 32mph in 16 different directions. I look forward to my Breathe Degrees practice with Tyler every day. It keeps me grounded, keeps the stress and anxiety away, and gives me the confidence to go out there and be the best version of me I can be.”

Trish Kilby

“As a full time working mother of 2 teenagers and a high energy dog, I am constantly running 32mph in 16 different directions. I look forward to my Breathe Degrees practice with Tyler every day. It keeps me grounded, keeps the stress and anxiety away, and gives me the confidence to go out there and be the best version of me I can be.”

Trish Kilby

“I experienced such a feeling of power, energy, presence and clarity. In the cold, I thought the shaking was just my body reacting, but learned that through my breath and mind, I could still my body completely. How cool! Thank you so much! I loved it!!”

Tracy Willard

“”I do yoga and breath-work because they make me feel like a superhero -strong, empowered, vibrant, fully alive! Ready to take on the world and roll with whatever comes my way.”

Kelli Russell

“This experience was like an awakening for the levels that my body has within itself. I felt proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone, and it made me realize I’m/we are badass! I was so in awe of the whole experience. Thank you for teaching me about the importance of my breath.” 

Nick Diede

What a life-changing experience! Oh my goodness! I felt incredible after the session and the elated, ‘runner’s high’ lasted over 24 hours. It was this trippy, amazing, out-of-body encounter. It was as if I were given this happy pill. I have never felt so calm, so excited and so present. What a gift! 

Ali Jay