Online and on-demand breathwork, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga

Join us at one of our music-inspired online and on-demand breathwork, meditation and yoga classes. The music is so cool. The relaxation and reset brings such warmth, Reduce and mange stress, anxiety, and depression. Ramp up your focus, energy and performance through this revolutionary science-backed practice. Click below to register:

Yoga + Breathe

Music-inspired Vinyasa Flow yoga fused with our proprietary breathwork to drop you into the ultimate shivasana. 45, 60 and 75 minute classes led by the best instructors. Classes added weekly.


Our proprietary music-inspired breathwork and meditation with science-backed benefits associated with stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, energy, focus, performance, immunity, mental strength and longevity. 25+ unique classes with more added weekly.

Science-backed classes for mood and benefits

Did you know that different styles of breath-work can elicit different responses in your body? Slow, nose breathing can tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, dropping you into a state of deep relaxation (or even sleep), while quicker-paced mouth breathing can tap into your sympathetic nervous system to boost your energy, focus and alertness. We leverage science, different techniques and amazing curated music playlists to achieve what you want or need.

Breath for Stress & Anxiety – Let go and allow our instructor’s hypnotic voice and chill music guide you into a relaxed and renewed state of mind. You’ll leave that stress and anxiety in the dust.

Breathe for Sleep –Trouble falling asleep? Suffer from insomnia or lacking a restful night’s sleep? Slower cadence breathing, soothing coaching and music that gets you out of your head will have you floating in ZZZZZZs. We hear from many that they are sleeping before the class ends!

Breathe to Reset – Want it all? We’ll take you through breathing exercises that will have you ready to take on anything thrown your way. A faster pace and energetic music will ramp your energy, focus and performance while a relaxing finish will help reset your mood and relieve stress.

Our on-demand yoga, breathwork,  breathing exercise and meditation classes range from 10 minutes to an hour in length. So, you can choose what works for you at any given time.