In Person Classes (San Diego area)

We offer unique classes led by instructors trained in the art of breathing exercises, yoga, cold plunge, and heat exposure (hot tub and infrared sauna). Their job? Guide you seamlessly through the Breathe Degrees experience. Your job? Show up and let go.

  • Breathe + Freeze + Thaw – Instructor led breathing exercises followed by group cold and hot plunges
  • Yoga + Breathe – A guided yoga class ending with performance breathing exercises so you can slip into the ultimate shavasana
  • Breathe Longer – A longer, more intense experience featuring our proprietary breathing techniques
  • Infrared Sauna – Our sauna can be booked as a standalone session or added on to the end of any class (not available at outdoor classes)

Breathe is our proprietary style of breathing exercises that combines deep inhalation techniques with breath holds for the ultimate mind-body experience. Classes are formatted to a special blend of music that will help you melt into the mat and get out of your mind.

Move on to our cold and hot plunges. Immersion in the cold tub is a mindset. We’ll train you how to overcome and unlock your potential, while bathing in a tub of health benefits through contrast hydrotherapy. Conquer your fears of the cold and be rewarded by a soak in the hot tub.

Sometimes the best way to release is to sweat it out. Try a session in our custom, 10 person infrared sauna. Sit back, relax and let the detoxifying happen. Your choice– strike up a conversation or close your eyes and feel the heat work its wonders. 

We also offer private classes, parties and corporate wellness events. You can get more info by emailing