Not just a cold plunge

We consider your plunge to be much more than a functional cold tub, rather a piece of beautiful furniture. Built from the finest materials and handcrafted so that no two tubs are the same, our plunge perfectly pairs function and beauty.

Allen T.


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the cold tub from Breathe Degrees. Simple to operate, maintain, and it looks fantastic! Huge upside is service after the sale. Tim and his crew are just a text or phone call away and genuinely want the feedback you provide to make the product better. While I love the in-studio classes, you really can’t put a price on the convenience of having the tub available whenever you need it”

Andres C.


“I bought my cold tub from Breathe Degrees a few months ago. I am really impressed with the quality of this tub. It is not only functional but beautiful. It is really a piece of art! I had been looking for a cold tub for a very long term but I couldn’t find one with good quality for a reasonable price. All the cold tubs I could find were overpriced and cheaply made so when I saw this one, I purchased it immediately. I keep it at 47 degrees just by running it a few hours (I added a timer) at night and my electric bill has hardly gone up. I use it every morning for 3 minutes as part of my daily ritual. Since I started doing it, I not only feel more energized during the day, but the pain on my joints is starting to disappear.”

Sean C.


This cold tub has been life-changing. After using this thing every day for about a year, I’m finding myself way less beat up after long runs and I’ve gotten a lot better mental focus throughout my day. Love the aesthetic of the wood that they did for these. It looks great on my back deck. Couldn’t be happier with it.”

AT-HOME Cold plunge tub

We consider your plunge to be much more than a functional cold tub, rather a piece of beautiful furniture. Built from Kiln fired Redwood and pressure-treated lumber. The Redwood is finished in the Japanese style of “shou-sugi-ban”, a traditional method of protecting and preserving the wood which looks amazing and allows for varying finishes so no two tubs are the same. Each piece of wood is burnt, scrapped clean, burnt again, and wire brushed to expose the lighter wood underneath. It is then double-stained and sealed with an outer coat to give it maximum protection. This is a labor-intensive process and is what creates such value in our tubs. 

Size is approx. 64”L x 34 “ W x 35”H

•Weight is around 400 lbs

•Takes approximately 60 gallons of water in the tub.

•The Tub is high-density polyurethane that we had made for us.

•Size of the tub compartment are 36L * 24W *30H.

Check out the Owner’s Manual

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